October 7, 2023

12 Must-Have Items for the Business Traveler in 2018

With business travel continuing to rise - going from $250 billion U.S. dollars spent in 2011 to roughly $305 billion U.S. dollars spent in 2017 - the demand for corporate travel will undoubtedly proceed to skyrocket.

Whether you are an experienced business traveler or just starting out on your first work-related trip, packing smart will make the hectic traveling life much easier. The following are 12 must-have items for any frequent business traveler:

1. Ultra-Portable Computer (such as a MacBook Air)

MacBook Air Buy

The ability to get work done on the go is made exponentially easier with the thinner + lighter MacBook Air. Available in several colors to meet anyone’s fancy, the MacBook Air has state-of-the-art features such as retina display, touch ID, the latest-generation keyboard, and a force touch trackpad. What better way to put your mind at ease while traveling amongst so many strangers than to know that only your unique fingerprint can unlock your computer? From airplane working to hotel lounging, nothing beats the portability of a MacBook Air.

2. Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

Bluetooth Mouse Buy

We all know the benefits of a wireless mouse, especially when working location (and amount of space) varies from day to day. However, this bluetooth wireless mouse takes it one step further because you no longer need to keep track of a small connector dongle in order to get your mouse to work. The TeckNet connects directly to Bluetooth-enabled notebooks, laptops, or PC’s without the need for a receiver. Battery life lasts up to 24 full months, and an indicator light will glow when you are nearing the time to change batteries. It is both small and lightweight, making it the perfect addition on any of your business travels.

3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones Buy

There is nothing worse then just taking off on a long flight, only to discover that the man 2 rows back is an avid snorer. Whether you were planning on working, relaxing, or sleeping, it doesn’t matter. Luckily, there can still be hope for a tranquil flight if you brought along some Bose Noise Cancelling headphones. With world-class noise cancelling technology, annoying or distracting sounds (such as snoring) will be a thing of the past. Plush ear cushions allow for maximum comfort for even the longest of flights. Wireless convenience, easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing, a 20+ hour battery life, and a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system are all things that make Bose our number one pick.

4. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods Buy

Apple’s AirPods have forever altered the headphone standard. Period. Small, wireless, and conveniently charging each and every time you put them away (just 15 minutes of charging equates to 3 full hours of use), the AirPods simply take the cake as far as headphones are concerned. Just take them out of their case and they are charged and ready to automatically connect to all of your Apple devices. Want your watch connected? Or how about your MacBook Air? Just choose AirPod on the device you would like and the Airpods will seamlessly connect. Audio automatically plays as soon as you place them into your ears and pauses whenever you remove them. No need to pull your phone out to switch the song or change the volume, by double-tapping on of the pods you can activate Siri who will make the adjustment for you. And with the Apple standard, they also provide rich, high-quality AAC audio as well as dual beamforming microphones that filter out background noise whenever you make a call or talk to Siri. Once you’ve tried the AirPod, you’ll never be able to use your ordinary headphones again.  

5. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite Buy

Traveling for business there is bound to be a moment here or there where you are able to kickback and relax, or at least take a few moments for yourself to unwind after a long, hard day on the road. Whether you enjoy fantasy, fiction, or furthering your business know-how, the Kindle is the perfect way to take it easy. This is the thinnest and lightest Paperwhite yet and with a glare-free display and waterproof exterior you can enjoy it anywhere - from a cramped subway seat to a sand-side oceanfront view. A single battery charge lasts weeks, and you can pair it with your favorite bluetooth headphones to listen to your story.

6. Portable Charger

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In order to keep everything powered on the go - from your MacBook Air to your Kindle Paperwhite - a portable charger is a must! This small, light-weight portable charger has high-speed-charging technology that delivers the fastest possible charge to any device. The portable charger holds 2 or 3 full charges, depending on which device needs charging. And with an 18-month worry-free warranty, what’s not to love?

7. Travel Organizer Bag for Electronics

BAGSMART Travel Organizer Buy

With so many cords and techy accessories to keep track of in a variety of different settings, the absolute best way to stay organized on a business trip in one convenient space is with Bagsmart. This lightweight, compact, and water repellent nylon bag is well padded for the utmost protection of your cables, chargers, and myriad of other electronic accessories. Everything you need to stay powered in one handy location!

8. Tech Backpack

Travel Backpack Buy

Hands-down the best travel backpack out there, Metein’s Travel Backpack has tons of space to store electronics accessories in an organized fashion by utilizing various compartments and pockets. It’s thick yet soft multi-panel ventilated shoulder straps offer maximum back support while a luggage strap around the back of the bag allows you to easily secure it to your  pull-along luggage handle. There is also a built-in USB charger on the outside as well as a built-in charging cable on the inside that allows you a more convenient way to charge your phone while on the go. Durable, water resistant material ensures that your backpack will be able to withstand all the ups and downs of travel by your side.

9. Suitcase Dividers

Packing Cubes Buy

Packing procrastinators and organizing enthusiasts unite with the use of these TravelWise Packing Cubes. Five various-sized cubes make packing a cinch by allowing you to compartmentalize and pack similar items together. These cubes are lightweight and durable, keeping items secure without adding extra weight to your luggage. Once you have your own unique system developed, packing for your next business trip can be done in no time at all!

10. Hard-Shell Suitcase

Hard-Shell Suitecase Buy

If you prefer the ease of traveling with everything you need found in one convenient location, then the passport suitcase is just what you’ve been looking for. With multifunctional front compartments you can have easy access to important personal and technological items such as cell phone, wallet, passport, laptop, tablet, business documents, pens, etc. It is also equipped with a TSA-approved lock on both the front and main compartment, securing your valuable possessions as well as keeping things convenient as you travel through security checkpoints. The outside is built from 100% polycarbonate anti-impact and scratch resistant durable material, and the omni-directional double spinner wheels glide smoothly making travel more convenient.

11. Passport Holding Waist Belt

Money Belt Buy

As you travel abroad, there is nothing better than a quality money belt to keep all your personal items safe. This hands-free, lightweight, and comfortable way to store belongings such as passports, wallets, credit cards, and other identifying documents will simply put your mind at ease while you travel abroad with your valuable information.

12. Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam Buy

Now that you have taken care of so many of your travel needs, there is one last thing that you can do to put your mind at ease while on the go - add a security camera. Amazon’s Cloud Cam is a great way to stay connected 24/7 with things on the home front while you are away. You can catch activities as they happen or download and watch them at a later time. You can also choose to get notified when the Cloud Cam sees any type of activity. Additional features include night vision and a two-way audio.

So there you have it - twelve must-have travel items to take with you on your next business trip. Did I miss any that you'd like to share?